Winter steelhead workshops

Saturday, December 11, 2010
Saturday, January 29, 2011

Forks winter steelhead workshop

This workshop is designed to get walk in fly anglers comfortable with a variety of spots and techniques that will put them in fish around the west end of the Olympic peninsula.

Here is the way it works.  We meet at the crack of 8:00 am at our house in Forks and sit down to breakfast and coffee. After breakfast we will look over maps of good walk in water on some creeks and big rivers. I will provide you with a map kit that lists 8 or 10 strong pieces of walk in water and we can discuss in detail how to use the maps.

Then we will grab a bunch of gear and head out to fish a spot or two, discuss and demonstrate some different techniques and generally try to get everyone on the right track.  We will talk about lines, rods, flies and presentations.  I will have a variety of rods rigged so that you can get a feel of some different systems.

 I will also have half a dozen or so spey and switch rods for you to try out, as well as 20 or more different spey lines you can try on your own rod.

Around 1:00 we will break for an over sized lunch, and then head to some more spots and continue. 

At 4:30 we break and then at 5:30 we will meet at my house for dinner and a re-cap of everything and if time allows run through a few fly patterns.

Once you take this class you will catch steelhead like this every time out*

The work shop cost is 135.00 per person (incl’ds all meals)

Class size is limited to four anglers

Some additional workshop notes…

First, this is not a guided trip, if we catch a steelhead it will be an accident.  The goal here is to get you to a place where you can drive to Forks at any point of the winter and regardless of conditions get onto water where you stand a great chance of hooking fish.

I schedule the workshops on Saturday so you can come into town Saturday morning, get a bunch of maps and instruction, and then fish on you own on Sunday.

Look forward to seeing you.


*results may vary

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6 Responses to Winter steelhead workshops

  1. Rodney Wittner says:

    I am in, I must have this class, count me in for Jam. 29. I am all over this, where do I sign up?

  2. Paulo Albuquerque says:

    Hello Jim,
    Count me in for the Dec 11th workshop. What is the next step? Thanks

  3. Rodney Wittner says:

    I’m in.

  4. Dave Little says:

    I wish I wasn’t a one day flight and one day drive away. This looks like a great deal, great class, wonderful people. This drips of the feeling of people who just want to teach and not make money. Catching fish as an accident? Accidents happen…

  5. Jim Kerr says:

    Dave, thanks for the great comment. 

  6. curley smith says:

    Hey Jim. Okie uno said to contact you to see if someone drops out on the Dec. class, maybe I could get in. sooo..if it happens, let me know and I’ll ride with him. Steve Lopes PS your second to last post was waxing poetic…good job…..married life must be agreeing with you.

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