Winter steelhead, here and now, dates open next week

Yep, been catching enough winter runs to say that yes, if you want winter hatchery steelhead, come now.  Also had a late, and rather excellent shot of fall kings.  We hooked, well,… lets say a large number this week.  Water conditions are awesome and I have open dates before Thanks giving, get your fish before the crowds show up.
Hoh, Bogachiel, Sol Duc, and all the creeks have some fish and are in very fishable shape.

Joe, with chrome coho

There are still some chrome Coho and Kings around and you can definitely take them with the spey rod, the real key is presentation.  Just keep at them until you get their depth and they will bite.  Do not under rate these fish, many are still fresh enough to show you lots of backing fast.

John with a hook nose coho

Jim Kerr
Rain Coast guides

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  1. john bisset says:

    I fished the Hoh 2 weeks ago, no luck. Wouldn’t mind taking a guided trip, but not too excited about paying $350. If you have a last minute cancellation or just feel pity for a senior citizen, shoot me an email or call me at 206 790 3826. Would love to land a native 20 lber on my switch rod.

    • raincoastguides says:

      WELL GET EXCITED ABOUT IT JOHN!!! I can tell you I would be more excited to watch you catch a 20 pounder on your switch rod than to take your $350, that said, i would take the money. Seriously though, we can probably find some one to split a day with you and knock it down to 250.00, or I have fish-a-longs in May and June for even less.

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