When the river is right

Its nice, for the last 4 days the water has been right to fish almost anywhere.  I see a lot of boats in town on my way through in the morning, but very few on the river, every one is spread out.

The fishing has been very mid-March, which is to say very good, but a bit busier than I like it.  There you are, the problems of a fishing guide garner little sympathy.

I have promised you pics of Marks reel, and I will deliver, just not quite yet, remind me to book some fish a longs next March, I would love to fish for a couple days.

the yarn man

the yarn man

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides


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  1. Lee says:

    Loc Dog – you loyal subjects are thirsty for info. And for pictures of large chromie slabby sea fish. Throw us a bone!

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