Watcha doing tomorrow

We are looking for one dedicated spey angler to drive to Forks tomorrow and spey fish all day for the discounted price of $175.00.  Long story but if you are interested let me know, waters perfect, weather man says it should be great.

Awesome sweater Joe.

Awesome sweater Joe.

Here is a left over pic from before the blow out, it was nice to see plenty of early season native steelhead, especially all the three salt fish, which seemed to make up about half of the fish in the river.  Fishing has been good since the rivers have come down with a few very interesting surprises and changes.  Yes the Hoh is still blocked, maybe worse than before.

The fishing has been typical January, cold, quite, peaceful and with just enough very big fish around to keep it interesting.

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides.

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