Thrown under the bus

Yep, Cancelled on Sunday March 24th, historically the best day to fish for steelhead ever.  So I have the day open, if anyone wants to go fishing.


Cheap dates!

Another shot of Terry and a steelhead

Another shot of Terry and a steelhead


From April 30 to May 15

This is a real shoulder season here, there are still fresh winters coming in, and some big ones, some early summer run steelhead, and the main event, spring Chinook.

If you are looking for as full day spey casting lesson where you might actually hook a cool fish, this is a good time to be here.  I will bring a whole pile of spey rods and lines for you to try and be glad to help you dial in your casting and presentation skills.

Or if you want to put some spring Chinook in the freezer you could talk me into a gear fishing trip.  Either way I will be discounting these dates down to $350.00 for two guests for the next week or so.

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides

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3 Responses to Thrown under the bus

  1. Dean Swerin says:

    Are you down to whoreing out trips now jim? Hope your not giving up the fly trips. LOL Where were you today?

    • raincoastguides says:

      Pimping Dean, its pimping trips. And yes, Fly trips. When are you going to learn to teach spey casting? We will keep you fishing all winter.

  2. Kris Thomas says:

    Sure… my still-beating heart from mr chest by mentioning a cancellation. Oh well, rehab is progressing, looking forward to seeing you in May. Hope you enjoy fishing with Vince on the 26th. He and my dad worked together years ago, and I’ve known him most of my years. Great guy. Be well. JKT

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