Summer steelhead, spring chinook, sockeye and trout

In the last week we have caught summer steelhead, winter steelhead, spring Chinook, sockeye, and lots of trout.  Actually a whole lot of trout, and some pretty damn nice ones.  The stone flies are coming off and a dude armed with a 4 weight and a stimulater is in pretty good shape around here right now.

If you want summer steel head it is still a Quilayute system show, fishing around the Calawah or Sol Duc hatcheries.  The Hoh has spring Chinook and late steel head, but doesn’t seem to have much for summer fish yet.

Craig, all smiles when his hatchery summer chromer, turned out to be a native winter chromer.

Sockeye this time of year are small but extremely aggressive.  Oh yea, and super tasty.

Jim Kerr

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