Steelhead Yo

Its actually quite surprising that I haven’t used that post title before.

Yes, steelhead.  Steelhead in the rain, snow, wind, sun,fog, low water,clear water, dirty water, its steelhead season yo.

The winter hatchery numbers have been bad, which is good for no one… except fishing guides.  Low fish numbers mean very few people out on the river, which means all the best spots for me, which it turns out means pretty good fishing in the end.

There is Stew with a steelhead, see, right there, I'm pointing at him.

There is Stew with a steelhead, see, right there, I’m pointing at him.

This little shot of rain is a good deal, it should help a few fish sneak up river.  I wouldn’t mind a big push of water, but I think we will have to wait a bit for that.

Merry Christmas

Jim Kerr

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