Steelhead, steelhead, steelhead

Another week at the office. You know, traffic, printers jammed, boss is a prick, how the hell am I supposed to fit two steelhead in one net.  All the usual problems.

James and Yassi worked hard and ended up having a good day

Hey guys, after we release this double header we just nymphed up, lets go downstream 40 yards and stick a couple swinging.

Rod with a great one

20 pound steelhead happen very rarely especially on the fly rod.  This is NOT a 20 pounder.  A lot of folks this time of year will stretch the tape by an inch to reach that mark, you don’t have to.  17  pounds (about what this fish weighed) is a awesome fish.  Ten pounds, is an awesome fish.  One steelhead hooked on your fly rod is awesome.

I will print all available dates tomorrow morning, book quick if you want one.

Jim Kerr
Rain Coast guides

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