Springer photos all day long/boat for sale

First the boat.

This is my old 07 clacka craft.

I love this boat.  It is older, and shows it.  Our clients are awesome and deserve to ride around in a new rig. So I got a new one almost exactly like it.

Oooh, ahhh, nice boat!

Here is the deal with the one I am selling.  Its a fly fishing bench, its an 07 so it came with the tunnel hull and the dimple bottom.  I do not love the dimples, so I had them filled.  I feel the boat tracks better in extreme fast water, slides better, and is much quieter without the dimples.

It has the steel head style rear leaning post, the old one got really wobbly, so I had clack put in a new one.  Its a lot better, but still not “stiff”

I had some pretty serious chine dings, so I had clack refill all the bad digs, but I did not have them do a full chine job.  The bottom is flat and smooth, the chines are filled, but still scratchy in places.

The exterior is definitely scratched.  Only cosmetically, but no one is going to mistake this for a brand new boat.

This boat has honestly landed thousands of steelhead

It comes with an anchor, cataract oars, and an old somewhat chancy two piece spare oar.

The trailor is a steel baker, o5 I believe.  I just had our local trailer shop sand it, repaint it, and put in new lights and wiring harness.  It has very good band new tires.

If your looking for a great clack that is super functional, not “like new” and under 5K look hard at this one.

Boat also has new seat swivels and sliders, comes with third seat. Trailer has cool back up spots.



Now on to springer fishing,

I got cancelled today and was SUPER bummed cause I was pretty sure I knew where a bunch would be hiding.  Turns out I was right, Ryan went and caught them with Don.  I love catching springers and hate missing a really good day.  Catching up on my sleep and seeing my family through not blood shot eyes makes up for it.

Small springers like this bite flys well, fight great, and you really have a chance to land them on a fly rod, the bigger ones bite well too, but generally kick our asses.

The problem with the springer fishing now is that there are also sockeye, summer steelhead, and the first summer coho showing up, tough choice.

I have had a three day cancellation so I am open tomorrow and Saturday also.

Mystery springer double header, landing a double of hatchery springers makes for a pretty cool day.

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides

Forks wa


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