Some open dates

I am more or less booked up but the boys have some open dates. January 29,30,31 are open and we will drop the rate a little to keep things going.  Shoot me an email if you are interested.

Natasha (and Bret) with a nice fish this morning

Natasha (and Bret) with a nice fish this morning

Here is a reviw-ish of some poles I love

So I got me the echo 3, 12 ft 7 six weight, slapped a airflow compact scandie on it and it has been everyone new favorite rod since day one.  If you want to chuck giant flies and big tips this is not the right line, but if you want to throw summer weight stuff…Its freakin awesome, 6 thumbs up.

What the hell do I need a 9 foot 7 for?  I couldn’t think of a single thing, but a few years back I acquired a Scott g2 907 and since the it has probably landed 3/4 of the summer steelhead I have taken.  Its not a power caster, or a big mender, or a bobber rod, its just the smoothest casting, best fish fighting all around one hander I have ever owned.  This is a rod you will not grow out of or want to sell 10 years down the line, this will not be your only seven weight, but it will be the nicest one.

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  1. Kris Thomas says:


    Is the 6127-4 enough rod for coho? If not quite, have you cast the Echo 3 7130-4 and what do you think?


    • raincoastguides says:

      The 6127 is good for those little summer coho we get in the sol duc, but not nearly enough for the big fall fish. As you know I would fish for almost anything with a 6 weight but when those fall sol duc fish come in, most 7 weights get crushed. That said I have not fished the 7, so we will have to put it to the gentlemen at rajeff sports and see what they say.

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