I left town and didn’t even tell you.  I feel a little bad.  However I will be returning on 21st and the 23 nd and 24 of January just opened up.  So c’mon we should go fishing.

The fishing when I left was on again off again, with little bunches of hatchery and early native fish wandering around, but nothing steady enough to get the crowds out, which is nice

DSCN1576Jeff, with steelhead.

Here are some pics of hatchery fish, many of you have let me know I am not posting enough.  I will try do a little better.  I have a back log of photo’s I need to get posted


Shad with steelhead

Shad with steelhead

I also have January 30, February 1 and 2,4,7,12 and 26 open, let me know if you can make any of these dates.

Jim Kerr

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  1. Jeff says:

    Wow! 60 degrees and winter steelhead fishing in february! Now, if there were only some fish to hook!

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