Sink Tips for Steelhead Fishing Vol. two

Sink Tips cont.

O.K. Read here: Sink Tips for Steelhead Fishing, Vol. One, if you missed the first article.

So here is a quick and dirty way to make a line loop that
will never break and is pretty smooth. 
It won’t loop the end of your Skagit line but its fine for your
compensators and tips.

Take the end of your line and double it over about ½ an inch.
Now just take a fly tying bobbin loaded with Fine/clear Uni-mono fly tying
thread, and make a wrap or three around both legs of the line and back over the
thread to hold it securely, just like you would begin tying a fly. 


Once your thread is started you
can hold the line with both hands and swirl the bobbin around it. When you have
about ¼ inch wrapped tightly in mono 3 or four layers deep finish your wraps
with a couple of half hitches and coat them with a thin layer of
aqua-seal.  Hang it up and be sure
to leave it at least 18 hours to dry.

Once you get the hang of it the wrapping should only take
about on minute and I have never managed to break one of these loops.

The picture shows the bobbin being swirled around the line (I know Dad, if you have to explain a picture it’s no good, so you take a better one.)

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2 Responses to Sink Tips for Steelhead Fishing Vol. two

  1. Steve says:

    The picture made me dizzy. Is this better than a nail knot around the two legs ?

  2. Jim Kerr says:

    You know, it lasts longer and is smoother, and I think a little less likely to fail…but  the old nail knot method is fine too.


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