Salmon fishing

O.K. we got our water and a lot of fish. A lot.  The last two days we ended up gear fishing, yesterday because we had two much water, today because the guide made a bad call and put us below the fish.  We tried to hit the lower end of the Duc today but the HUUUUGE numbers of fish that moved in there yesterday had already shot up and for some reason there was only a trickle of fish behind them (nets?)
That said, we caught all we wanted yesterday and today we got a nice boatload of silvers and one chrome King Buck.
There are Coho and Kings in the Bogie from top to bottom.  In the Sol duc from the hatchery to the mouth.  In the Callawa from the forks down…You get the picture.

Here is another pic from last week, spaced the Camera the last two days, yep that’s my truck in the back round, we got this one at the put in.

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