Rain gear part 2. plus open dates

Hey, below you will find a rambling article about gear and fishing.

But here is an invitation, we have the following dates now available. January 21,23,28,31. February 4th, and March 12, and 13.

Email [email protected] if you can make it out on any of them.

Now, here is a continuation of “rain gear part 1″ Which will serve as an intro to the long awaited ” DIY olympic Peninsula Spey primer.”

If your planning a DIY trip to the olympic peninsula for winter steelhead make cold weather gear a priority before fishing gear

Most important gear. Rain Gear.

(Or SIMMS vrs everyone else)

Simms waders and rain gear are the best you can buy. You will be more comfortable for longer dressed in Simms than in anything else.

If you buy the right simms gear you can be outside when its raining sideways, 36 degree’s for like 6 hours, and stay actually comfortable.

Maybe that doesn’t sound like much, but to me its a really big deal. It could turn out to be a pretty good six hours.

The tab for the simms might turn out to be around $1400.00.  For about $600 you could stay pretty much as dry, and almost as comfortable dressed in redington gear, or, even caddis or something like that.

So is it worth it?

Decent rain gear keeps you fishing longer and better

Simms gives you the best fit, and is the most comfortable hands down.  If it seems affordable, buy it.  If not there are a lot of brands with cheaper gear and good return policies.

You want the whole package, waders, 2 good rain coats, (definitely need a back up), two sets of warm fleece pants, wool top and bottom base layer, wool mid layer, a couple of fleece mid layers, a couple of fleece hoodies, and a straight up winter coat.

If it gets really cold you can wear it all.  If it gets really wet you can wear one set while the other set dries.

Although,remember, the most important thing is to go fishing.  Even if its in leaky waders.

Other most important gear, the kitchen.

“Not even Shackleton could endure these miseries without a hot cup at lunch” (Jim Kerr, right now)

Less of a rain coat, more of a fleece day

After two days of not catching shit, freezing your ass off, getting soaked,getting lost, tearing your waders and god knows what other indignities, staying focused and positive may get challenging.

A good portable stove, and a little webber grill in the boat/car  will cheer you up for sure.

And here is the deal.  Catching one of these things is going to be hard.  Thats why your coming here.  To be in one of Americas last great wild places trying to get a look at an icon of fly fishing.

In the process your going to see so many rivers, so much wild country, amazing wild life and a temperate rain forest doing what it does best.

Its gonna be cool, its gonna be fun, but its not gonna be easy.

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides

Forks Wa

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides

Forks Wa

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