Plenty of fishermen

If you want to meet steelhead guides Forks is the place to be right now, I have never seen, or imagined I would see so many guides here.  As for fish, not so much this week.  I had two days where despite great conditions, we blanked completely.

Anil from Puget sound Fly Co.  and Dylan from PlanD fly boxes came out with  Stu and managed to put together a great day with Ryan.

Yep, two at a time

Yep, two at a time

Most days we are able to get ahold of at least a couple like these, just not usually at the same time.

Plan D, with a big hen, Thanks Dylan for all the great photo's!

Plan D, with a big hen, Thanks Dylan for all the great photo’s!


Bob Cat running down the river. That just happened.

Bob Cat running down the river. That just happened.

As always we have tons more photo’s than we can post here.  If you don’t see your picture here yet its because we just haven’t gotten to it, or because you need to book a trip.  March 18th and 19th just opened up.

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast guides

Forks wa

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7 Responses to Plenty of fishermen

  1. Keith C says:

    Bobcat was probably looking for a llama.

  2. Bobby Foster says:

    Jim, would love to hear your thoughts on classifying the west end rivers similar to those on the Skeena as well as requiring guides to obtain special use permits – National Forest Service and ONP. Capped # of permits or very high cost to the guide (lifetime investment). I would imagine local guides – those who have a serious stake in the resource – might consider investing in a system like this to limit guide pressure and emphasize WA resident and local operations.

  3. Jeff Shirley says:

    Hi Jim! Thought I would say hello!

  4. Allan Poobus says:

    Nice fish. I thought we were not supposed to lift steelhead out of the water.

    • raincoastguides says:

      Native steelhead may not be removed completely from the water, and these were not. This rule is designed, and occasionally enforced, to prevent really bad fish handling like the guys you see dragging fish up the bank and then kicking them back in. We ask all our clients to keep all or most of the fishes head in the water if they want photo’s. Some times guys get amped up and lift them up a little too much. We are really adamant that no fish is held up even as much as these for more than a few seconds. Look back through the site and I think you will see every picture we post is more than compliant with these regs. Additional note, lifting steelhead from the water is no more damaging to them than lifting native trout, yet every trout fishing magazine shows anglers with trout in the boat, or way out of water.

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