Open day, good opportunity

Jason with a steelhead, and a very cool hat

Jeff with a hatchery winter run steelhead,

Here are the guys from last Friday as the rivers where blowing out, there where still a ton of hatchery steelhead around.

I may have an opening this Friday, and some very good opportunities for a guy who likes to spey fish.  The big rivers are high but some of the more out of the way places are in great shape and there are some nice native fish around.  Maybe a guy would want to hike in to some cool spots and swing some epic water while his guide built a little fire and grilled some brats and cracked a couple of cold beers. (maybe this guy wouldn’t mind if the guide fished behind him a little bit).

Or maybe a couple of guys would want to float some small out of the way spot that is almost never floatable…, or whatever

Jim Kerr

Raincoast Guides

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One Response to Open day, good opportunity

  1. RCulver says:

    You’re killing me! It all sounds good to me!

    Rich Culver

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