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We finally got some great fishing weather and I just got cancelled for tomorrow and the next day, march 12 and 13


Stop, nope, thanks, they re-booked.  But everything from here down is still true.


I have done a poor job of posting for a while, to be honest, when we are all booked, and the fishing is good, I am a little hesitant to encourage any more crowding in March.

There is plenty to post about other than good fishing, I will try to stay on it a little better.

Very, very,very, low water has made for some very interesting fishing for some great fish.

Some sight fishing, some dry fly fishing and some spectacular walk in fishing for very bright fish.  Many fish  swinging with one handers.  All in all fun times, but the fish could use a bit more water, and the mountains some snow.

I have some April dates open, April 19,21,22,24

Fresh low water fish

Fresh low water fish


there he goes

there he goes

Jim Kerr

Rain coast guides

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