Open dates

We are still catching CHROME bright salmon, and starting to see winter steelhead.

Big chrome buck goes back

Big chrome buck goes back

I have some open dates coming up in a week, which include a cancellation.  I think I can find a second for a single angler, so if you want some, or all of these give me a call.  If you want all three I will cut you a price break.

The dates are, November 20,21, and 22.

reaching for the net, again

reaching for the net, again

In other news, the crap regulations on the Hoh continue.  The river missed its escapement big time last year and there is some real momentum to get some change in the works.

I will put up a post next week with details but then we REALLY need to go to town and get the word out.  So think of who you know that might help us call and email our managers, and have that list handy.


Jim Kerr

Rain Coast guides

Forks Wa,

PH. 360 301 4559

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