Olympic Peninsula Steelhead

The exact same thing as the other day only more so.  

There are steelhead in the lower ends of

I had Eric R. and Mark H out for a couple of days, the
fishing wasn’t hot but the company was great, thanks for everything guys.

                                     Eric learns to watch his language, a very angry Sol Duc Chromer

If you want to book this season you still can. I still have nine prime time winter steelhead days
left, they are February 18,22,23,26 and March 8,9,10,14,19.  If you would like to split a trip and a
room with someone you are not alone.

 Trying my
hand at match making.
  Lots of folks have called me to ask if
I knew anyone they could share a trip with to split the costs so I am starting
a list.  If you want to come
fishing but can’t quite scratch together the bread e-mail me your contact info
and the days you are thinking about and I will try to put you together with a
like minded angler.

Jim Kerr, rain coast guides

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2 Responses to Olympic Peninsula Steelhead

  1. Lauren says:

    I heard through the grapevine that you had to pick Eric up by his belt and carry him upriver to catch this fish…

  2. Marty says:


    Pencil me in for Monday the 23rd. I sent you an email. let me know


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