OK, now a bit more rain please

After a hectic couple of weeks things slowed down as the rivers dropped.  But here we are again.

one of very many coho

one of very many coho

There are a lot of fish, and right now the more rain we get the better.  Lets hope the weather man is wrong and we get a couple more inches this week.

Either way we have a cancellation on Friday and Saturday so if you want to go catch some let me know!

Lets hope for rain.

still a bunch of these dudes around

still a bunch of these dudes around

Many of you have heard about low escapements of kings and steelhead in the Hoh, this is tragic but also, because of all your hard work writing emails last year, sets the stage for  huge “I told you so”  to the big muckity mucks.

WDFW really can’t hide from this anymore.  The Hoh going selective gear year round and no retention of native steelhead SHOULD be a slam dunk. But its not going to be.

We are coordinating an effort now to put as much pressure as possible to move the mountain that is WDFW bureaucracy.

So, sharpen your pencils,your claws, and your fangs, this time we are really going after them.

More to come soon

Oh yea, and come fishing Friday and Saturday

Jim Kerr

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