Nice day yesterday

I am going to lead with this again.  I am leaving the trip auction open
until the 7th, there has to be some one out there willing to open
the bidding at one dollar.

My good friend and fellow fishing guide Sam Kennedy has been
very sick with cancer for some time, and despite good health insurance it has
predictably put his family on the ropes financially.  There is a benefit
dinner for him here in Forks on the 7th and lots of guides including
myself have offered to donate trips for auction. I have decided instead of
donating a trip I will be donating a fly caught steelhead, no matter how many
trips it takes, weather or not you have ever cast a fly rod before, post your
bid on the blog and if you are the highest bidder I will take you fishing until
you hook and land a fresh run adult steelhead.


Jeff, Darrel, and I went fishing today just for fun, we all
caught fish, Jeff caught this one, which he says is twenty pounds.  I say it’s more like 12.

O.K. It’s more like 20, its damn big anyway.

We nymphed all day and found steelhead here and there
throughout the drift but no real pile of fish anywhere.

There is a nice mix of native steelhead everywhere, some big, some little some fresh some not-so-much.  The rivers are in great shape and there are very few people fishing, I have been seeing one or two anglers a day, most of them spey casting.

I have heard good reports from every drift of every river
this week, and great reports here and there.

Jim Kerr Rain Coast Guide Service

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14 Responses to Nice day yesterday

  1. Craig Habakangas says:

    Is this where i put the bid?? If so I would like to bid $300.00

  2. Jim Kerr says:

    This is where you put the bid, and thanks.

    $300 .00 it is
  3. Scott says:

    Sorry to hear about your buddy, and good on ya for stepping up. That’s what real friends are all about!

    Oh yeah… make it $350!!

  4. Andy Marks says:

    I’ll go $350.

  5. Jim Kerr says:

    Thanks Andy,

    But either you and Scott are sitting in the same boat for $700 or some ones got an extra $25 bucks.
  6. Craig says:

    Andy, Scott

    So am I bidding against you guys individually or are you two bidding as one?

  7. Jim Kerr says:

    Craig and others here is a clarification.  Because this blog works a little slower than real time things might get a little messy, but as it stands Scott’s bid of $350 came in before Andy’s so Scott is now the top bidder, these guys are not together.  

    THE BID IS $350
  8. Craig says:

    I will bid $450

  9. Jim Kerr says:

    Thanks Craig.

    $450.00 it is.
  10. Greg Banks says:

    I bid $500.

  11. Jim Kerr says:

    Thanks Greg

  12. Craig says:

    I bid $550

  13. Jim Kerr says:


    You have been fishing with me before, if you keep this up you’ll have to go again, maybe more than once.
    Thanks Craig
  14. Craig says:

    Just trying to support Sam..

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