New blog dealio, lets see if I can finger it out.

Yes, its a bit blurry

So here are the results of Saturdays Winter steelhead spey fishing workshop, steve got an A.

Lots of food, info, instruction, Cold beer and hot chillie by the riverside, a fat native chromer trying to steel Steve’s Mieser rod right out of his hand.

Yesterday I was so cold on the river it doesn’t bear mentioning, despite a few beautiful fish, my feet, in a puddle of slush, and my hands on icy oar handles all told me to GET HOME!  The rivers are in great shape and the snow is piling up,Looks like I might have the 19th of this month open on a schedule mix up, as for today, maybe you could go fishing and tell me about it and I could stay inside where its warm.

Last weeks Saturday workshop, Tim got an A


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2 Responses to New blog dealio, lets see if I can finger it out.

  1. Kris Thomas says:

    OK, Jim….you must’ve forgot the kryptonite hand warmers. People don’t get cold steelheading, do they????

  2. Lauren Kerr says:

    Handsome hound

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