My feet

Ignore the Calendar, its less dependable than the weatherman.  Its winter, I know because my feet were cold all day last Sunday.

Word on the street is that Simms will have a new boot foot out some time around a week after my toes fall off, or January, which ever comes first.  I am not sure I can wait that long.  I did a little shopping around for alternatives and really didn’t find too many quality waders with boot feet designed for fisherman.  Anyway, tough problem to have.

In other vital news we are still catching salmon, and nice ones,and bright ones.  So that doesn’t suck.

Two in the net.  Day goes faster if you catch them two at a time.

Two in the net. Day goes faster if you catch them two at a time.

I have been a bit mum about the way we are catching them, but if you are really curious I will post some details.

Right now the rivers are at nice levels and the weather is fine.  We should see a few more winter steelhead in the next week or so, I am looking forward to it,although this is the kind of salmon fishing I enjoy, a little spare, quiet, with clear shady water and low light all day.

Ryan, with a "small" hard fighting king

Ryan, with a “small” hard fighting king


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5 Responses to My feet

  1. Paulo Albuquerque says:

    Hanz® ChillBlocker™ Waterproof Socks
    I use those and they are VERY good. Take Care

  2. jergens says:

    Damn, with the title and my extreme foot fetish that is not the type of report or pictures I was hoping for. Oh well, nice salmon!

  3. Nick says:

    Are we curious? Of course we’re frickin’ curious! 😉

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