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So, sorry about the lack of pics, with the high water it was just real difficult to get good pictures this week without miss-handling or over stressing fish.  That said, the fishing has been very good since Thursday.  Now all the rivers are in real nice shape for both swinging and nymphing and although the good reports have had quite a few boats out most days we have been fishing almost entirely by ourselves.
We have great weather this week and I have one day open, Wednesday the 2nd.I also have had another cancellation, so here are the dates I am trying to fill.  7 through the 10th and now 15th through the 18th.
Let me know if any of these dates work for you, also I may have an open seat this coming Sunday.

Here is my river report
Sol Duc     Freakin’ Perfect
Bogachiel  Freakin’ Perfect
Hoh           A wee tad high but perfect for swinging, especially upper
Calawah    A tiny bit low, but real real good

Jim Kerr
Rain coast Guides

A pic from Utila, Jim Warren and his 36′ by 5 foot mahogony dugout, awesome boat
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