Maybe my favorite? Come join me June 29th.

There is a kind of fishing I love to do…not so much guide, but do myself.

It revolves around a floating line, a one handed rod and a handful of flies from heavy to dry.

Maybe a couple of split shot.

I feel like with a good 6 weight I am ready to hike around and fish for trout, salmon , steelhead, surf perch….anything, pretty much anywhere around here in the summer.

Surprise! Small sockeye crash a sea run cutthroat fly.

By limiting the amount of gear I carry, I create casting and presentation challenges. Being able to take a basic weight forward floating line and cast leaders up to 20 ft in length, or spey cast, or throw a giant fly and split shot, exercises the versatility of the gear.

It also celebrates the traditions of north west coastal fly fishing, from before the days of Skagit lines and factory made sink tips.

This cutthroat stole a fly from a steelhead

I have three spots for a one handed, all in catch whatever on the Olympic Peninsula workshop.

We will get your gear set up, hike around to some spots, talk about flies, try to catch a fish and experiment with techniques to get the most out of your one handed gear.

There are all kinds of critters in the river that will fall for a fly if you know how to give them a chance.

The goal will be to get comfortable targeting multiple species with the same basic gear. We will look for salmon, trout, and summer steelhead and adapt the gear as neccesary.

We will discuss the why,where and when to find different fish, so that you have a decent chance to make the most of your time on the water.

You should be in good shape to do a little hiking, think about 3 miles total for the day over rough ground.

I’ll have a lunch packed for everyone and plenty of extra gear.

3 spaces available, $150.00 per person

7am until 3pm

To reserve a space email [email protected]

Jim Kerr

Raincoast Guides

Forks Washington

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  1. Paulo Albuquerque says:

    I missed it. I guess I should check your site more often. Is that the best way to keep up with your endevoura?

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