Lost and found


Thank you everyone for coming out this winter, yes, this
week you will get all the pictures I did not send, we will work on booking all
the dates we talked about and you will probably receive a news letter.

Did you lose this on the upper Bogie? Its kind of embarrassing that it could be hard to catch a fish that would eat something like this.

Yep, the fishing is still good, the weather is nice, and
there is no one here.  Yesterday we
landed 5 nice steelhead and saw 2 boats.

If you come out try the lower anything.  We had a couple small shots of
springers but then nothing for the last couple of days, late April through early June is Springer


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2 Responses to Lost and found

  1. Ryley says:

    Hey that’s my Rvrfshr worm! Can I give you my address to send it back?

  2. Jim Kerr says:

    Maybeee.  Where did you loose it?

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