Its Summer

7:30 am and the dew has already burned off the grass, looks like the first real beauty day of the summer is here.  Lucky for me I have lots to do today, I need to tie a bunch of flies, do some advertising work, tighten up the summer schedule, call the insurance guy, mow the lawn while its dry…NONE of that shit will get done, I am going fishing and I humbly suggest that you fake a vomiting attack, blow outa work and do the same.

On our side of the Olympic peninsula we are fishing for sockeye, summer steelhead, a few kings and …trout. 

Here is what’s happening with the coastal cutthroat; If you fish a dries, especially big orange foam ones, you will catch a few 10 to 13 inch cutts in every good hole right now, if you fish through a second time stripping a black wooly bugger you will catch one or two 14 to 16 inch trout that ignored you gear the first time.  I have seen a few pushing 20 inches this year, but they have mostly been accidents that sockeye fishermen caught on gear.  That said, trout fishermen have been finding a few accidental steel head and sockeye, so it goes both ways.

Typical cutthroat, right now these guys are crawling all over the place

Here is whats going on around Forks.


Bogachiel, looks good, has some new summer steelhead moving up, lots of cutthroat


Calawah, Looks good, has some summer steelhead, and a truckload of idiots with bobber rods.  Lots of cutthroat


Sol Duc, Sockeye in the Lower end, cutthroat and steelhead all the way through


Hoh, A bit high, probably will get a lot higher today with all the sunshine, there have been summer steelhead, bull trout, and kings caught down there this week.  Lets hope we can get the worst of the run off out of the way in the next two weeks.

Coho Craig helped me score this crazy hot summer hatchery fish

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides

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  1. Coho Craig says:

    Thank you for choosing Coho Craig’s Guide Service.. I had a great time..Thanks for coming down.

  2. Frank says:

    I would like to know when the next kill fishery is. Hatchery fish. Steelhead. Can you please let me know.

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