Hmmm, its really time.

Returned from vacation last week and had two tough trips, nice weather, some trout a few steelhead hooked, none landed.  Things turned around this week pretty well.  The Glacial rivers have dropped enough to provide access to some exxxtremly hot summer steelhead.  Fish numbers are good and for better or worse things seem to be slipping into that fall fishing pattern that fly fishers dream about all year.

The main show is still definitely a summer steelhead gig, and it should keep getting better, but there are already enough Coho and king salmon around to make me think about heading in that direction. 

Now I am not expecting any all out slaughter days in the next week or two, but I am expecting some quintessential summer steelhead fishing with Zero angler pressure, great weather, and a neat mix of salmon steelhead and trout.

You don’t need to book a trip, but you should REALLY try to sneak out to go fishing in the next few weeks.  Bring a trout rod, a light spey rod, a sleeping bag and some chow.   Fish Friday evening, Saturday morning and then get home to mow the lawn on Sunday, it will be a trip you remember all year.

Dimitri, and his second steelhead


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4 Responses to Hmmm, its really time.

  1. Mike Edmonson says:

    Jim, I agree, it is time. I had a fantastic time today. Those steelhead were great fun to catch. I am looking forward to doing it again soon. Thank you very much. Mike

  2. Jeff says:

    I am thinking, mow the lawn Sunday morning, fish Sunday evening and Monday and be home for dinner that evening. Sounds like a plan!

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