Hey! Your going back country camping.

Permits and our availability are running out.

As you know we are also Forks Outside, the galaxy’s best back country camp outfitters and professional social distancers since before it was cool.

Every direction you look is amazing. I really can’t get over it.

Your going to camp for a night or two on the beach, or in an alpine medow full of wild flowers checking out an amazing night sky. Or by a crystal clear lake full of brook trout.

We are going to help you pick the spot, get the right permit, then we are gonna pack in a tent and pads and stove and a whole bunch of other stuff, set it up for you in an awesome spot, so all you have to do when you get there is chill.

Its enough for me to just sit and watch the brook trout, but I think it would be cool to snorkel with them, or fry them with some salt and pepper in butter. Your call.

Now look, permits are limited, and our space is going fast. If you want to get this done you should contact us soon.

We can start building your trip.

“Hey look, its another waterfall, I haven’t seen a cool waterfall since that really cool one right over there next to that snow capped peak by the deer and the eagle” you might say.

Jim Kerr

Forks Outside

Forks WA

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One Response to Hey! Your going back country camping.

  1. Rich Culver says:

    Hey Jim –
    Greetings from SE Alaska! “FORKS OUTSIDE”….this is awesome! and a great compliment to your days kickin it on the side of a raft with guests swinging for chromers! Hope all is well with you, yours and the family!


    Rich Culver

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