Hatchery Steelhead, discount days

Days are short, and cold, but the fishing is good.

We are trying to fill a couple more days. Drop me an email, we are still offering some pretty cool December pricing.

Greg with an early native winter run

Greg with an early native winter run

Weekend spey fishing special, $350.00 a day for two anglers. And yes, you will probably catch some fish.

Early season hatchery steelhead

Early season winter steelhead

The fishing for hatchery fish has been good, with a few wild fish showing up.

There are STILL a few nice bright coho coming in, but I have been sticking with the steelhead for the most part.

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides

Forks Wa

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  1. Damn those are some handsome folks! Thanks to Ryan for a great trip and looking forward to getting back to the Peninsula some time soon! Know you always have a friend in SE Alaska if you make it up here!

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