Extremely fascinating presentation this coming Saturday

Saturday June 23rd at Puget Sound Fly co, an epic event.  I will be doing a three ring steelhead-salmon fly tying event and extravaganza. Noon until 4.  If it turns out not to be as awesome as you hoped I am sure Anil will give you a free gift.

Potential guest speakers include Cat Stevens and Herman Cain,  Awwwwwww Shukie Duckie!

I am in Seattle and realizing that I enjoy living near the rivers more than I thought, c’mon baby!  I hope to sneak in some fishing time here soon, like now.

Summer trips coming soon, you should book ten days of this.

Throw back springer

Jim Kerr

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  1. Joe W says:

    If Herman Cain is going to be there does that also mean that there will be girls and pizza?

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