Early springers and summer steelhead

Before I launch in to what’s to come, or even what’s happening now, I should probably talk about what just happened.  First, THANK YOU, to every who came out and helped us enjoy one of the most awesome steelhead seasons I can remember.  I hope to send out some thank you notes soon, although loosing my calendar when my hard drive crashed might make that hard. Anyway, I am finally digging myself out .

If you have some time to kill, and a spey rod, get yer ass to Forks in the next week or so.  Stand around on the lower Sol Duc, or Bogie and let’er rip for a day.  There are plenty of chrome winter steelhead still coming in, and better springer numbers than I have ever seen this early.  
Its great weather and swinging water, I managed to swing up a springer today.

Dave with a chrome Hoh hen steelhead

Jim Kerr

Rain coast guides

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