Blatant product placement edition (fish picture included)

First though,

Thanks to Anil, and Puget Sound Fly Co.

First for getting together a group of really nice folks for a hatchery steelhead workshop.  Thanks for thinking of us and bringing everyone out.

casualty of the hatchery steelhead workshop

Second, and more importantly for doing a really kind fund drive for the Forks Elementary PTO.  Thanks, it’s so cool of all of you to chip in!  It will make a really big difference to a bunch of young kids, how cool is that?

Special advertising section

Once in a while I score some really cool stuff from folks in the outdoor industry.  In the past I have shied away from overt plugs of products on the blog.  However, in an effort to accumulate more schwag I’m going to deviate from that policy.

Thank’s to the people at Grundens for some cool new stuff I probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

full body rain gear

Several great new pieces of rain wear plus a new wading jacket?  Yea, a full on wading jacket from Grundens, named after a great rum drink, Dark and Stormy, so there you have it.

Fishing Review

The water has been beyond perfect this week, the fishing, super slow.  I had a ton of fun this week working super hard for a handful of perfect hatchery fish.

Great water, great weather and fun company.

This rain will mess with the water and weather, but should bring fresh fish.  That’s cool too.

We have dates in the next few weeks, and a few dates left for native steelhead season drop us an email if you can get out!

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides

Forks Wa


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8 Responses to Blatant product placement edition (fish picture included)

  1. Gary Davisson says:

    Enjoyed the pic’s

  2. Brian McKinley says:

    Looking for a place to swing flies this winter

  3. Lee says:

    Dang your kids are getting big. How much taller is Maddie than Anil at this point?

  4. Sherry Peterson says:

    Sent you a pm re Steelhead trip

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