Black Friday, Fishing

Face it, you gotta buy some stuff, and coincidentally, I am selling some stuff, plus we get to go fishing.

Open dates, weather, cool stuff

Yes, it has rained a tad here.  If the planets are lined up even close to correctly the water should bring an unholy hoard of chrome bright hatchery beasts up every artery, vein, and capillary of the Olympic range.  For the next 14 days if it’s wet, and within 50 miles of here, it should have steelhead in it.  I have the 27th, 28th,and 29th open as well as the first through the 4th.  Book two of them and I will give them to you for a special rate.

WHOAH, a few left over salmon season pics, here is the deal on this.  If you want to have a chance to hook a bunch big bright strong fish on your spey rod there is no better time than October in Forks, you can book it now.

With a little effort you can often find fish far from crowds

Hey, What, Spring workshops all ready?  Yep, I am gonna do a couple spey, steelhead spring Chinook workshops come springtime. April 28th and may 19th, breakfast, lunch dinner and lots more river time than usual.  Email if you are interested.

Joe releases a chrome coho long after most folks have quite thinking of salmon.  If you play your cards right you can run this season from July through mid November

John has become the master of the classic grip and grin, I have so many pictures of him with salmon I get confused.

Jim Kerr
Rain Coast Guides
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  1. Jeff says:

    That’s my goal, for you to have to many pictures of me too!

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